The Second Mindfulness Training: True Happiness

Aware of the suffering caused by exploitation, social injustice, stealing, and oppression, I am committed to practicing generosity in my thinking, speaking, and acting. I am determined not to steal and not to possess anything that should belong to others; and I will share my time, energy, and material resources with those who are in need. I will practice looking deeply to see that the happiness and suffering of others are not separate from my own happiness and suffering; that true happiness is not possible without understanding and compassion; and that running after wealth, fame, power and sensual pleasures can bring much suffering and despair. I am aware that happiness depends on my mental attitude and not on external conditions, and that I can live happily in the present moment simply by remembering that I already have more than enough conditions to be happy. I am committed to practicing Right Livelihood so that I can help reduce the suffering of living beings on Earth and reverse the process of global warming.

Can you share the ways you relate to true happiness and generosity in your own practice and experience? Do not think of this question in terms of “right” or “wrong” answers–just articulate how you personally understand the Second Mindfulness Training, how it has helped you gain clarity in your practice, and how you might further your own understanding of happiness and generosity.

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2 thoughts on “The Second Mindfulness Training: True Happiness

  1. Ok, I think this one is going to be a work in progress for me….as far as writing my reflection.
    Only because my awareness for generosity is so acute that I’m not even sure I can put it
    into words. I just know that my life experience has exposed me to people who have less than
    me, and some people who have nothing. Some people who share everything. Some people who
    share nothing. Some people who don’t even realize how much they have….and how much
    a difference you could make in someone’s life by giving very little. Some people don’t realize
    that even with no money….they could share and be generous with so many other things they
    ‘have’. Time, companionship, resources….even life (donating body substances). I think the
    understanding of this precept/training heavily involes the underlining understanding of interconnectedness. Once you ‘know’ you could easily be with the same specific suffering…
    compassion seems to take over. Not only for the person you can/need to help…but the
    compassion for yourself…as far as feeling you would want/need to recieve generosity also.

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